ISO 29990 - QMS for providers of learning services in non-formal education and training. (QMS)

The ISO 29990 standard is a quality management system for education and training service providers. This standard provides a unified model for a quality and professional mode of operation, as well as a common reference point for both LSPs and their customers when it comes to the conception, development, and implementation of a specific program. This standard was created in response to a demand for a general model for learning service providers’ professional ehaviour and quality performance.

ISO 29990 is split into two parts: learning services and management at the learning service provider, which includes things like business planning, financial management, risk management, and human resource management. Transparency of services, worldwide comparability and established quality assurance processes, and the development of a standardized skilled practice or service delivery system are all benefits offered by this standard for learning providers. Which places greatemphasis on the level of professionalism of an educational group.

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